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wedge measurement

3 measurements are required:
  1. Height
  2. Width
  3. Length
block measurement

3 measurements are required:
  1. Thickness
  2. Width
  3. Length
circular profile
cylinder measurement 2 measurements are required:
  1. Diameter
  2. Length

3 measurements are required when profile has a cut-out center:
  1. Inner Diameter
  2. Outer Diameter
  3. Length
     It is best to start with the selection of a foam type.  Our recommendation is to visit us at our Binghamton address,(see map).  We have office hours open to the public Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.  By visiting our location you will be able to select the foam type that best fits your need.  We have a large selection of samples and trained staff that will help you pick the foam that will work best for you.

     When replacing cushions our trained staff will at no charge re-stuff your old cushions assuring the best fit and customer satisfaction.  Our recycling program will take your old cushions if not desired back and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way.

     To measure upholstered cushions it is necessary to measure the upholstered cover from seam to seam, it is not necessary to stretch the cover when measuring.  If the seat or back has a flare, bevel, or pinched edge is is important to note this when ordering.  It is also optional to have the foam fiber-topped, which will help prevent the foam from slipping in the cover.  We recommend that sofa and recliner seats have fiber; thin, or hard-back seats and lawn chairs do not require fiber. If the cushion has rounded edges or a T-shaped pattern it will be necessary to provide a pattern.